Bringing help and hope to women and children at risk in Central Asia
Hoffnung und Hilfe für gefährdete Frauen und Kinder in Zentralasien
Даря надежду женщинам и детям в группе риска Центральной Азии

About Us

Traditionally for Nomads in the dry Central Asian steppes, a group of trees meant an oasis with water, shelter, fresh grass and rest. Seven Trees Public Fund (“Zheti-Agash” in Kazakh) supports Central Asian women and children in their difficult life circumstances. Our goal is to help them become strong, healthy and fully-fledged members of society.

Our Work

Women throughout Kazakhstan experience repression, discrimination, and significant gender inequity. In addition, the women in Kazakhstan are often not financially independent due to lack of education, and therefore also unable to leave an abusive situation without additional support. “Zheti-Agash” addresses these root causes by offering women the power of choice and conducts two main activities:…


With the help of professional seamstresses the women in our Halfway-House create hand-made products like baby wraps, diapers, tablecloths, placemats, aprons, table runners, different styles of handbags and much more. We are extremely careful about the quality of our handicrafts and want to give the best to our shoppers.