Our Purpose

The sole purpose of “Zheti-Agash” is to support women at risk in achieving a healthy and pro-social life.

Our commitment is to break the vicious cycle that women get themselves into and become stuck in an unhealthy and risky situation. Moreover, such situations reinforce the negative social perception of women. So, we mostly help them to be self-sufficient in order to enable them to make a living by themselves in healthy and decent conditions in their future.

Top Priorities ENGWith this purpose in mind, “Zheti-Agash” conducts two main activities: Prison Outreach Services and the Halfway-House.

Thus, “Zheti-Agash” has three top priorities for the next years:

1. Ensure our financial stability. This point is crucial for “Zheti-Agash” to let us keep going on and accomplish our mission. Our main incomes come from:

• the women’s hand-made work (We intend to run the sewing workshop into a successful business.),

• fundraising and seeking out additional donations,

• and securing the ownership of a house and ensuring government social support, such as medical care for all residents.

2. Extend the capacity of the women house (named “the Halfway-House”). The first year following the settling down of the Halfway-House, one to three women were living as residents throughout the year in the house. In 2013 the number of supported women increased to seven. We aim at serving a minimum of 20 to 30 women residents in the next few years. This is a top priority for us, as we want to support as many women as possible by using our full accommodation.

3. Continue to provide prison outreach services. “Zheti-Agash” has been able to provide consistent humanitarian aid, counseling and life skills training, organizing of sport events and teaching music lessons within Almaty prison system. Our priority is to maintain and hopefully increase these services in order to further support as many people as possible.