IMG_2128Zheti-Agash’s second main activity is the Halfway-House. It is a temporary home for at-risk women, following prison and before returning to the community. At the Halfway-House, women receive social rehabilitation and integration support to ensure their successful transition into the community. They live in a family-like environment, learning leadership and life skills, receiving counseling, and support to make positive pro-social decisions. In addition, the women have the opportunity to learn a vocation, increasing their opportunities for financial independence. In the sewing workshop, residents learn sewing skills by professional seamstresses and their products are sold to help financially sustain the workshop and organization. The women also learn basic business and accounting practices.

IMG_9110Short-term help

We encourage women just released from prison to take the right steps forward to a new life by providing them with food, clothing and a temporary shelter to assist them in returning to their homes safely and at the same time preventing them from being human trafficked.

Long-term help

In our halfway house, women released out of prison and women in difficult life situations have the opportunity to restore their lives through counseling, attaining professional and life skills and adapting their social skills so that they can live with dignity in a developing society.