Tanya IMG_2060Tanya IMG_6406Tanya is a young woman who came to the Halfway-House in January 2013.

In the past, she lost both of her lower legs. She had to move in a wheelchair or walk on her knees, which often led to infections. In prison she got into contact with “Seven Trees”, where she sometimes crawled to the meetings. She received a wheelchair through “Seven Trees” which improved her quality of life significantly.

After her release from prison her mother was untraceable. She also had no chance to live with relativesso she came to the Halfway-House. Through a private donation from Austria Tanya got prosthesis. Now she is thrilled to be able to walk again.

Tanja and prothesisTanya is a good support in the household and she also helps stitching national designs on the products of the sewing workshop.

She was not able to receive a good education in the past. Now through the generous support of a faithful and patient volunteer, Danette, and others she is able to be tutored daily in math, English and Russian. Danette is a member of the Almaty International Women’s Club which supports Seven Trees in many different ways.


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